Opening my bag….

Well, here it is… finally.  My first attempt at a skin care blog for those of us that are AARP members! I’ve wanted to do this blog for several months, but how to set it up was my biggest obstacle.  I think I’ve got the basics in place now, and I’m excited to share the contents of my beauty bag with you.  I’ve got a little bit of everything in here from skin and hair care products to makeup and more!  So here we go….

My favorite all time product for several years now has been Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Extra Strength Alpha Beta® Peel Pads. Yes, they do come in regular strength, as well.  If you have sensitive skin I would recommend trying the regular strength first and perhaps graduating up to extra strength after a few months. It’s a two-step process system.  The first pad will make your face tingle as you go over it.  Use the whole pad.  Usually I go over my face, neck and décolleté 2-3 times before I toss the pad.  I wait about 2 minutes and then do the same process with the Step 2 pad.  You will feel a slight tightening of your skin and your skin will glow with continued use.  As I mentioned I have used these pads for several years and for a product junkie, this one tops my list.  I purchase my pads at Nordstrom in North Park in Dallas. (If you have any questions while there ask Mona or Yulia (DDG Specialists) and tell them you read about the pads here.)  If you do not have a Nordstrom in your area, I have seen them at Sephora, as well.  They are also available on Amazon or some of the other skincare sites.  Just be sure you get current packaging so you know you are getting fresh product.

blog pads 2014-01-27 11.02.20

3 thoughts on “Opening my bag….

  1. LOVE your blog and look forward to hearing about all your secrets! Is there a way to subscribe so we don’t miss a post? Can’t let THAT happen!!!!!

  2. Thank you Marty. I’m excited about starting this blog! Enter your email in the Follow section below Comments and you will get a notice when I post (I hope!)

  3. Your blog looks great! I have also tried the Alpha Beta Glo Pads and they are a favorite for me as well! Thank you for sharing this product with me, Judy!

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