Firm and Glow… Its Super Bowl Weekend!

Whether your team is playing this Sunday or not, many of us will be attending Super Bowl parties.  I have a group of friends coming over to my house and I wanted to share my ‘game plan’ for Saturday night with you.  I plan to ‘firm and glow’ at this game day party to help ease the disappointment of my Cowboys once again not making it into the playoffs this year.

Have you heard the stories of Peyton Manning’s play calling of “Omaha! Omaha?” This might be a slight variation of that chant since my plan could be called “dgskincare”!  Remember the Alpha Beta Peel Pads and Glow pads I discussed in my Beauty Bag opening?  We are going to put them into the game plan, but will lead off with two other dgskincare products.  To cleanse my face, I want something thorough and quick.  I don’t like a lot of steps.  I just want my face clean with all makeup removed.  I use the All-In-One Cleansing Foam.  It’s light in texture and fragrance and foams on dispensing.  I cover my face in foam and go across my eyelids as well.  It is easily removed and takes my eye makeup off as well.  I’m ready for the next play.

DDG Age Erase Recovery Mask provides visible firming even after its first use. It contains a Hyaluronic Acid Complex which immediately smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Like the Alpha Beta Peel Pads discussed before, this is a two step process.  With dry hands open Step 1 and apply over your face, neck and décolleté area; dampen you hands slightly and add Step Two.  Step Two is a vitamin infused self-heating mask.  It feels amazing and the packaging states the product promotes relaxation and for me it does just that.  Leave the product on your face a full 12 minutes.  Remove the mask with a warm wash cloth.

Next play, get your Alpha Beta Peel Pads and use Step One and Two on your face.  Remember to wait two minutes between both steps.  You may feel some tingling now, but you will also feel your skin firming! Following Step Two I usually wait another 5 minutes then use an Alpha Beta Glow Pad (Face).  Remember the more swipes you go over your face, neck and décolleté the darker you will be.  Since it is February, I won’t try to look like I have been on the beaches of Maui yet, so one swipe on my face and a couple on my neck area is my choice.  I will leave that up to you, but one thing I want to remind you… wash your hands!  The product WILL stain your hands and fingers.  Immediately add your moisturizer to all areas and look at your amazing skin.

So that’s my game plan before I go to bed Saturday night.  The products will have a chance to penetrate into my skin and the next more morning (Sunday) I will visibly see firmer skin with a glow.  That’s a game winning touchdown in my playbook!

Go Blue! (That covers both teams, right?)

2 thoughts on “Firm and Glow… Its Super Bowl Weekend!

  1. I will need to try the Dennis Gross mask. I need something to help firm! I might add with the Glo Pads, make sure you apply to the hairline, or you could have tan lines. It’s such a nice bronzer and leaves me with color that I love year round!

    Thanks, Judy!

    • Yes, definitely to the hairline Karen, and over your ears too, so it looks natural. I use the end of the pad to go around my neck under my hair like I have been outside with my hair put up.

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