Color My Grey With a Side of Hairspray, Please!

This is a Jimmy week for me.  It’s listed under “event” on my calendar.  You see, “Jimmy” is my colorist and hair stylist and he’s had that distinction for about 17 years now.  If you are in the Dallas area and are looking for an ahhhhmazing stylist check out his Facebook page: Jimmy Moreau-Color Specialist/Stylist.  Once I am seated in the chair, we spend about 15-20 minutes discussing the world’s problems, family, friends and what’s going on in Hollywood /TVland. The rest of the time we talk about – what else? Products!

 Water. Water. Water.  If I’m not consuming enough water each day, Jimmy will know on Friday.  He says my hair reveals my consumption secret by being dry or dull, so I hydrate myself all week long before my ‘event.’  If you are like me, unlike summer, it’s harder to consume the necessary amount of water we need when it’s cold outside.  Dallas weather has been going from 72 to 12 degrees for the last few months… and a few times in the same 24 hour period.  Therefore, drinking water has been more difficult – but! I just refilled my glass once again as I am continuing to writing this post.

On my first visit to Jimmy’s salon he looked at my hair and said “you can either perm it for volume or color the grey, but not both”. Honestly, I remember looking at him like he had two heads.  Was there a choice for me in that statement?  Well, no doubt there – decision made.  Cover the grey and l learned to live with smooth hair.  Lucky for those of us with fine hair many products have been introduced over the years that add fullness and volume, so we can still have BIG hair and without those smelly perms!

I pack for Jimmy visits. I take my current products and he views what my latest grab bag of goodies includes and we discuss pros, cons, options, etc.  On a recent visit to Sephora, I was given samples of my latest hair product love. Bumble and Bumble.  All I can say is wow! The Thickening Shampoo not only makes your hair feel thicker, it’s got a great fragrance, too.  But! I love, love, love the Full Form Mousse and the Dryspun Finish.  The mousse is just right on consistency and doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky.  I add BB Straight Blow Dry lotion to my ends only so they stay smooth. All products are heat activated, so grab the blow dryer and your brush.  The Dryspun Finish is a texturing spray and for someone with fine hair it’s a product junkie’s dream in a can.  After drying my hair, I put a few Velcro rolls in while I put my serums and moisturizer cream on my face.  Then I take the rollers out and spray underneath each hair segment with the Dryspun finish and run my fingers through my hair and wa-la!  Volume with a capital Va-va-va-V! 

A side of hairspray, if you please.  Try Chi’s Infra Texture Spray (Red Can) which will add a little more fullness to your hair and you can finish with it as well.  Shake your hair and everything falls into place… especially after the perfect haircut by Jimmy! 

Special note:  So that Punxsutawney Phil, the world’s most famous animal forecaster saw his shadow.  That’s just lovely.  6 more weeks of cold, wet, gloomy winter weather.  It was 72 degrees here last Friday and I am looking at a forecast of sleet and snow here on Thursday.  It’s wrecking havoc with my skin and probably with yours, too.  Grab some baby oil and smooth it on your legs, hands and over your body right after a warm bath.  It will soak into your skin and help with the flaking.  I put shea butter over the oil on my legs and arms, too, and it helps to seal in the in moisture.  Smooth it on your hands before bedtime and put some gloves on so it doesn’t get on your sheets.  Awake with a smile!

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile. –  Unknown

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