Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Still!

 I don’t know about you, but this cold winter weather is just brutal on my hands this year. My day job involves washing my hands – a lot.  Coupled with the anti-bacterial hand soap and the constant use of anti-bacterial gel, my hands have begun to crack, peel and, well… you get the idea.  I was told to try organic coconut milk or shea butter – which did helped ease the dryness somewhat, but I was looking for total healing. I was introduced to a product last week that performed the relief and healing I was hoping for with only one draw back. Miracle healing IS possible with Clientele ‘s Estro Lift Hand and Nail Therapy.  On first use it removed the redness and the cracks… well… they are gone! Product labeling says it helps prevent and temporarily protect chafed, chapped, cracked or windburned skin and does it ever!  Now, right here I have to mention that it was a store sample. The drawback I mentioned?  When I tried to purchase this product healer it was out of stock.  Apparently many others are on to this product and they can’t keep enough stock right now. But! Yulia at Nordstrom North Park offered to order it for me and it’s due to arrive today – along with another round of wintery mix.  She is so incredibly helpful, so if you are in that store, be sure and visit with her. This is probably one of the best finds in recent memory at least for my weather weary hands.

Another good find is Kiel’s lotion line especially for the body.  It is one of the top ones out there and they have some wonderful products for the face and hands, as well.  Kiel’s has been around since 1851 so they know about lotion and have a long line of products.  Two of my favorites are their Crème de Corp and Nashi Blossom/Pink Grapefruit body lotion.  I apply both of these products right after my bath over my entire body, so the product soaks into my skin well.  I keep another bottle of the Crème de Corps next to my chair in the Family Room and right here next to the computer, too, so I can do touch ups while I am watching my favorite TV shows or typing this blog. Like most of us, whether it’s the cold, dry, winter weather or the sun drenched skin of summer, I want my skin to be soft. Try either of these products and you will see a change in your skin in only a few days. 

So raise your hands high… and show them off with that beautiful smile of yours.

2 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Still!

    • They have a counter located inside Nordstrom at North Park as well as a storefront there as well. If you go to Nordstrom ask for Martin or Yulia to help you and give them my name.

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