My Favorite Parking Spot

Everyone has their favorite place to park, right?  Whether it’s because it is covered or close to a favorite store, and in some cases like me, so I will REMEMBER where I parked, we park where our needs are met!  My favorite parking spot just happens to be the garage at Nordstrom.  It is close to where all my favorite shopping and eating spots are located.  Why am I mentioning this? Last week a friend of mine mentioned that my blog seemed to have a lot of Nordstrom references and someone might think I work for them, so I wanted to clarify it quickly.  I do not work for Nordstrom, however, I do shop there often. So when I say, “see Yulia, Mona, Martin, Enrique or Carmen,” etc.,  I am just giving you names of people that I have no doubt will be helpful to you on your visit to this store.  If you shop at Neimans in North Park, there is no better make-up artist or beauty product savvy man as Aaron.  He can be found at the Trish McEvoy counter, most likely performing a makeover on a client.  I like to shop at Ulta and Sephora, too.  I don’t have people I work with directly, but both stores offer many of the products I have mentioned, as well as, online, if you are not in the immediate Dallas area. 

In my past life as we tend to say at this age, I was an editor at a skincare magazine.  I received products and more products from hopeful skincare creators or distributors wanting me to try their products with hopes of snagging a mention in the next magazine.  It was there that I became a product junkie.  I also have several friends at area stores that will tell me about the latest and greatest discovery in anti-aging when I see them, which was why I decided to begin this blog.  I’m having fun doing this and I hope you are enjoying the posts and have benefited from some of the products I have mentioned.  Now, if you have a product you use that you would like share with me please do! “I love hearing about new products,” said the product junkie – me!

Recently, I picked up a box of Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body Towels.  Product labeling states “it will firm, smooth dry skin. Targets imperfections of the skin. Skin will appear brighter and more luminous and will feel refreshed.”  I have only used 3 of the 8 towels in the box, but they are something I really like.  Remember the Glow Pads I mentioned in a previous post?  You will hear me refer to those over and over because that is one product I L-O-V-E year round.  Following my bath, I dried my skin completely then wiped the towel over my neck, décolleté, and chest.  Then I waited a couple of minutes and went over those areas again with my Glow Pad and it produced more even results.  (There is enough product on the towel for the legs too, but I was just adding the ‘glow’ factor to the neck and chest areas until we get into the warmer months for an all over glow/tan).  Also, since these towels have an exfoliating effect, it takes care of the flakiness of dry skin and that little ‘itch’ that accompanies it. Your legs will love it too.  I see sunshine outside today…that should bring on that smile for all of us!

Remember even though the outside world might be raining, if you keep on smiling the sun will soon show its face and smile back at you. – Anna Lee

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