Spring Forward and Peel Away Those Wrinkles

Have you ever had a facial peel?  As a product junkie, I am a big fan of them.  I usually have one peel in the fall and again in the early spring.  For me, it’s like spring cleaning, I get rid of the effects of the winter weather on my skin.  Yes, the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Two Step Peels discussed before provide an ongoing peel each day, but I want the skin sloughing that comes with a deeper peel two times each year.  I find that a peel not only tightens my skin and makes it smoother, but it also provides a vessel for my skin to absorb my skincare products to a deeper level and helps remove those brown age spots, as well.   

Recently I had my ‘spring’ peel at my esthetician, J. Gail’s in Dallas’ Preston Center.  Judy provides various services at her salon (along with wine, beer, a shot of whisky or a margarita for relaxation, of course).  One of her salon services is the Jessner Facial Peel which markets itself to be “a superior treatment designed to remove superficial layers of skin and one of the most effective light cosmetic peels available”.  Planning for the day of your peel is important.  You will be unable to wear makeup for a few days except on your eyes and lips.  Yes, there is flaking, too, but it can be controlled by moisturizer after Day 3. The process is quick and painless, though your face may feel a slight warming or burning sensation during the application. Judy has a fan in her treatment room to help you keep your cool and if you have had a drink before lying on the treatment bed you are totally relaxed anyway!  As a general rule, 2-3 coats of the peel are applied to your face for the best possible results. Typically, a lightweight moisturizer or a calming mask is applied to the skin at the end of the treatment and then you can go about the rest of your day. After I left the salon I noticed I had a frosted white appearance on my face.  I stopped at the market for groceries and found that no one looked away or stared at me.  Good sign!

 As the evening progressed I began to experience really dry, tight skin with a slight redness. I just splashed water on my face and I was fine. Judy says the water not only relieves tightness, but it also encourages live cell build up. The next morning I again splashed cool water my face, patted it dry carefully and then I applied lots of eye makeup, lipstick and left for work. Believe this! Several of my co-workers didn’t even notice my ‘no makeup look’ other than to say my skin looked firmer and was glowing.  (Hint: glam it up on the eye makeup so people only look at your eyes!) On Day 3 I began to peel which continued for 3-4 days. Judy provided me with her regeneration cream which I used twice a day to keep the look of the peeling skin to a minimum! On Day 5 smile BIG! You can begin to wear makeup again. I usually peel for about a week after the treatment, not a heavy peel just slight and continual.  I just kept moisturizing and I notice very little flaking on my clothing. When the old, damaged skin has peeled away, you are left with a firmer, refreshed, glowing face which really make absorption of your skincare products so much better in the days ahead.

 As I mentioned I only have peels performed in the spring and winter months. Living under our glorious Texas sun I make sure that my skin is protected by a good SPF at all times. This is new skin, so treat it that way and keep it from feeling the effects of those rays, by wearing a hat or visor at all times when outdoors. Spring is finally on our calendar doorstep, is there a new you under that winter mask?

Remember – the best curve on your body is your smile!

3 thoughts on “Spring Forward and Peel Away Those Wrinkles

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