A 30-second Age Eraser For Your Eyes

Many of our major department stores offer Beauty Events. If you haven’t attended one, put it on your Bucket List and Go!  Sure they are crowded… all the beauty divas in the city are there wanting to learn about the latest and greatest products available to give us a chance to turn the hands of our aging clock back about 5, 10, dare I say 20 years?  In some cases you can come pretty close and I’m not talking about needles, zaps and surgeries.  Products only. We just have to explore the possibilities that are available by talking to the beauty advisors at the stores.  For example:  I am walking through a throng of women searching for some café noir otherwise known as coffee to revive my shopping spirit when Carmen with Clientele steps into my raceway lane and says “I want to try this 30-second Age Eraser on your eyes so you can finish the day looking much younger than you did when it started”.  Screeeech!  She had me at ‘looking much younger.’ I’ve been in marketing for 20 years and I know the buzz words and I know clever wording on packaging for sales, too.  But, I’m a product diva, right?  I must try this potion for all the women in the world that want to look much younger at the end of the day than when it started, and that includes me!  I smile and she whips out this brush and starts dabbing the product under my eyes.  She only does one eye and turns the mirror for me to observe the results … I blinked twice, no three times.  My left eye does look better than my right.  ‘Do both eyes and you have a sale’ I reply with a wink.

So by now you are asking, what is stuff?  Peptide Wrinkle Concealer is an under eye concealer that you paint on under your eye, and then smooth.  You can, and I do, rub it across my eyelids, as well, because it works as a great primer, too.  Not too much though because You want your eye shadow to stay true to its color. Peptide Wrinkle Concealer helps lubricate away crow’s feet and protects the delicate tissue around your eyes while fighting the appearance of wrinkles with antioxidants and a special peptide.

There’s nothing like it! Covers imperfections. Minimizes lines. It’s a wonderful base to hold eye shadow fresh all day! You’ll look younger instantly since the peptides firm and tighten your skin!  It’s available in a Duo Wand (neutral/tan) or a Compact (neutral or tan).  I use it every morning with the handy sponge applicator included and gently pat the concealer under my eyes and on my lids. Yes, it stays in place and my under eye wrinkles are…. hmmmm… where are they??? Those lines and dark shadows seem to have disappear instantly!

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.   Phyllis Diller

4 thoughts on “A 30-second Age Eraser For Your Eyes

  1. I was at North Park last week and stopped by Nordstrom’s cosmetics to pick up the Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glo Pads and decided to try the Clientele 30 Second Age Eraser. I love it! It’s smooth and helps with the little lines around the eyes and brightens my eye area as well! Thanks for the tip, Judy!

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