Raise Those Brows and Flirt a Little (or a lot!)

My dad was employed by the ‘telephone company’ for 43 years, which meant we had phones in almost every room in our home when I was growing up.  And, like most little girls back then, I had a Princess Telephone (mine was turquoise with push buttons) and it sat on my dressing table next to my mirror. Even at a young age I had two drawers filled with makeup and beauty products, mostly cast offs from my mom.  I would sit for hours talking to friends on the phone and playing in that makeup, curling my eyelashes… and plucking my eyebrows over and over!  Hence, I have very thin eye brows and, of course, once Brooke Shields arrived on the scene  thicker brows became the trend. 

A couple of months ago I saw neuBrow at the check out counter at Nordstrom’s and decided to try it.  I have to say…It works!  My brow line is thicker, and I’ve actually had to pluck a few hairs to keep them in line. It’s very easy to use, too.  Apply this serum to the brow line each morning and evening using the attached brow brush to maximize your results. Allow it to dry before grooming brows with the comb which is included. This is the time when I put my serums on my face.  After you achieve the results you are wanting, product labeling advises that you continue using every other day.   When used as directed I found that this tube of neuBROW will last approximately 60 days. It’s one of those products that you will have to continue to use, unfortunately.  Once you stop using the product your eyebrows will thin out again, so keep that in mind before you start this treatment.

My eyelashes are my next targeted area.  I have looked at eyelash extensions, but they require bi-monthly fills, just like my nails, so I am trying a new product to strengthen what I already have.  I just purchased neuLash.  Previously, I used Revitalash and loved the results, however, newLash has a slightly better price point so I wanted to compare the two products.  I will let you know how it works on my eyelashes in a few weeks.

Eyebrows are indeed such a trend these days! Urban Dictionary says “raising your eyebrows twice is a new way of flirting” and WikiHow actually has an online demo of how to raise one eyebrow, so you can say a lot without saying a word. Of course all of this must be done in person. It was so much easier to accomplish both of these little flirts with my little Princess phone!

Breathe, smile and enjoy the moment

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