We, Too, Can Be Red Carpet Beauties

As everyone was getting ready for the Academy Awards presentation a few weeks ago, there were discussions regarding the weather forecast (rain??!!), who would wear what, nominations, after parties, jewelry rentals and predicted winners.  Like you, I heard it over and over, till I began to tune it out and think about the beginning of baseball season. But, then in the distance I heard a report on Good Morning America about a ‘red carpet lotion’ that all the stars were wearing and my ears perked up.  What is this product referred to as ‘the lotion of the stars’? I finally found it on the Good Morning America site that afternoon and what can I say? I placed an order!

Red Carpet Kolour is  the lotion the stars were wearing along with all their jewels and designer dresses.  The marketing product panel states –  “The first ever luminous body lotion that will stay put and not transfer onto your clothes… provides a gorgeous glowing coverage for imperfections such as pigmentation, veins, cellulite, stretch marks, age spots and wrinkles.  Helps your skin look super sexy, younger and healthy instantly.  Younger? Sexy? Covers Age spots AND wrinkles?  I am pinching myself to be sure I am awake as I am all thumbs trying to open this miracle in a bottle when it arrived in the FedEx box.  It’s appearance and texture is a thicker than normal, golden in color lotion and as I smooth this lotion on my skin, I am smiling.  Red Carpet Kolour is really a fun product to use.  It is not a self tanner, but it is a body glow lotion.  The results are truly amazing.

The directions state to begin with three pumps of the product and apply to clean skin with circular motion just like a body lotion – evenly to the arms, legs, décolletage or anywhere you want a luminous glow. Using a damp towel or paper towel wipe off the palms of your hands and wait five minutes for drying and then get dressed. No need to worry about getting it on your clothes, it’s non-transferrable. It does cover age spots and it does have a slight firming effect to your skin, as I look in there mirror, am I younger, though?  Since it is a lotion, it does wipe off your hands easily and has a very, very slight sparkle after it dries.  I waited 5 minutes and then put on a white tee and headed to the dentist.

Within moments of walking into the dentist office I am asked if I had been to the beach by two employees, who also just happen to be friends, too.  I told them I was testing a product and told them what it was and what it claimed to be.  They immediately checked my white tee… no discoloration at all… and both mentioned the ‘glow factor’ in a good way, one said.

Now, as I mentioned it is not a tanning cream, it is a glow lotion.  It stayed on all day and I lost some of it in my bath water though not all of it.  In fact, it went through two bubble baths before it totally faded.  For me, this is the perfect product for an evening out or a special occasion.  Also, I think it will be great for my legs because of the moisturizing effect and should keep my legs tanned throughout the summer. It does not wear off on clothing and it will look fantastic with my white capri pants and shorts.

Move over Aniston and Bullock… we can now be stars for a day or two, as well.  And who’s to say we aren’t pretty sexy now, too?

All you need to do to be a bit sexier is to smile once in a while! Peter Andre


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