Hey There Bright Eyes!

Spring is in the air and if you have visited a makeup counter in any major department store recently, you have seen all the new spring pallets that are available now. It’s time to forget the neutrals of winter and add some color to our lives… especially when it comes to our face.

I picked up two fabulous eye shadow pallets last week. Yes, two. When you can’t decide which one you need, want, desire, and you love products, you get two right? These two pallets together will cover your new spring outfits and those that you are pulling out from the back of your closet from last season, too.

Dior’s 5 Couleurs 254 Bleu de Paris has 4 shades of blue and comes with a highlight color of silver for that ‘pop’ we like to add at the end of the application to our eyes. The colors are versatile for day to night and the packaging is beautiful. The colors are easy to apply and all 5 shades will become staples of mine.

The other one is YSL’s Pure Chromatics 4 Ombres. These eye shadows can be used dry, like a traditional eye shadow, for a subtle shimmering effect, or wet, for a full-intensity pigment with a type of metallic finish. These beautiful pallets give everyone the freedom to create any kind of eye look from simple to dramatic in just seconds. There is some sparkle in the powder. It’s what gives you the highlights you want to make your eyes come to life. It’s not sparkle that will get into your eyes however, so don’t worry about your contacts. I wear them, too, and it’s not a concern with this product. Yves Saint Laurent invented this “water process” Pure Chromatics eye shadow. Once the pigments are mixed with water, dry, pure-pigmented powders are left with a very high level of shimmer. If you have highlights in your hair this eye shadow will reflect off of them and make you shine day or night!

As mentioned in previous posts, I use either Clientele’s Concealer with peptides as my eye shadow base or YSL’s Touché’ Éclat. Another great shadow base for your eyelids is by Smashbox. The choice is yours. It just depends on what look you want to achieve and the type of staying power you are looking for in your makeup routine. You can’t go wrong with any of these, I promise!

Smile! It increases your face value. ~Robert Harling, Steel Magnolias


2014-03-04 10.18.41


2014-03-16 08.53.23





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