Primed and Ready!

Are you ‘primed’ before your begin your day? Primed for what, you ask?  Do you use a primer before applying your foundation?  You should. After applying serums and creams – prime!  With so many products on the market today, how do you decide which one to use?  The answer comes down to what you are wanting in the final look of your makeup before you walk out the door. Using a foundation primer is the best way to keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day. Primers are relatively new to the beauty market, but are gaining more and more popularity. Their aim is to prepare our skin for the makeup application, so I will share my thoughts on several I have used.

Algenist is pretty new to the market. It created a satin or soft finish on my skin and made for a very smooth, long-lasting makeup application. Immediately I could see visibly refined pores, blurring of fine lines, and improved skin texture. It went ont my skin evenly, too, and provided a matte finish.  If that’s the look you want many of you will like this product if you are looking to keep the shine to a minimum. As I said, it left a beautiful finish and is definitely worth a try.

I began using Smashbox BB cream when it came on the scene several years ago.  I liked the coverage and most of all the SPF 30 was a BIG plus.  It goes on smoothly and requires only a minimum amount of foundation to complete the look I want to achieve for daytime.  In the blink of an eye CC cream appears on the market.  Same SPF of 30 and the coverage I wanted, but it also helped to cover the brown spots (age spots???) that had begun to appear on my face.  Most experts will tell you that a quick and easy way to remember the differences between the two products is to think of BB creams as makeup with skincare benefits.  CC creams are more skin care with cosmetic benefits. Again, both contain SPF 30.  Many weekends or on a day off, I use only my CC cream, apply eye makeup and blush and go on with my day. I like the flexibility that both products offer and they keep my look brighter and my foundation goes on so much smoother.

But wait!  Now we are beginning to hear about DD creams. Marketing of the product states it “delays, defends, delights, and delivers. It provides 15 healthy skin benefits including a mineral based SPF 30.  Additional benefits include: “self-adjusting coverage; anti-aging; hydrating; defending; evening skintone; minimizing pores; blemish soothing; reducing redness; firming; brightening; priming, etc.”  It’s got my attention!  I’m just not sure what ‘self-adjusting coverage’ is, so I will be checking this out soon.  If you are prone to blemishes or redness, this primer might be just want you have been looking for in a primer..

Laura Mercier primer offers a very light coverage.  It is actually much lighter than any of the others I have mentioned. For me it is best worn under a foundation, such as NARS, which is a thicker product, so I don’t feel too heavily made up for daytime wear, but it really works for evening.

When you are unsure about a product, always ask for samples.  Beauty advisors are happy to provide those to you at many locations and they will have input on selections by seeing your skin up close.  If they don’t have a pre-packaged sample, they are usually happy to prepare on for you.  If you are at North Park’s Nordstrom ask for Yulia or Mona, or see James at Sephora.  Any of these beauty advisors will not only greet you with a smile, they will provide you with the primer that is best suited for your skin.

A laugh is a smile that bursts. – Mary H Waldrip


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