Butter Up Yourself!

Every so often I get a sample of a product that makes me want to stop all posting plans … and share it…like today!

This little jewel was dropped in my Sephora bag last week during my checkout along with a few others. Labeled body butter I tossed it in a basket next to my tub to try after a future bubble bath. A couple of nights later I was sitting on the side of my tub and decided to open this simple white package filled with Sephora’s own brand of Super Supreme Body Butter. It was an OMG moment for me as I did everything I could to get more and more out of the little packet – even resorted to cutting it open on all sides to get every last drop. 

This luxuriously thick cream does not feel greasy on application and was quickly absorbed on my skin. Sephora has a line of products that contain a high concentration of HydroSenn+, a natural ingredient proven to deliver immediate and long-lasting hydration more effectively than hyaluronic acid and this is one of them. It also contains illipe butter, which I goggled for more info since it was a new type of butter for me.  Illipe butter is made from the illipe tree (I’ve never heard of that either!) which is found in Malaysia and is considered one of the riches of all butters in the world.  Illipe butter nourishes the skin and it is rumored to help restore its elasticity. Sounds like we need to plant one of these trees in our own yard, doesn’t it?

As much as I loved the scent – it was like aromatherapy for me – I know there are some of you that have an aversion to different smells.  So, I would suggest visiting a Sephora store to take a whiff before you purchase it.  I opened the jar in my guest bath on Easter for my girls to try and they, too, loved the product and the fragrance (which does subside quickly, I might add).  It is sold in a LARGE tub so it will last for awhile.  If you are visiting the Sephora store in North Park Dallas, ask for James.  He is one of their friendly beauty advisors and he will prepare a sample for you to take home for use after your next bath or shower.  Now is the time to start shedding the rest of that winter skin – haven’t we been doing that since January? … and get ready for summer.  This is the body butter that will do it! And!  I must tell you… the next morning after that first trial of this butter, my skin was still silky and soft – even my feet.  So before you bat those eyes and ask for that favor… butter yourself up first.  You deserve it!

 “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” ― Mother Teresa


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