Forever Young…. Is that your wish?

Forever young….  Do we really want to be young – forever?  If it comes with the energy of youth, the innocence of youth, and yes, the lineless firm face of youth, I think we would all shout in unison – YES!!  I know if I could go back and have the knowledge that I have today,  I would look for that genie in a bottle right now. 

I was one of those young girls that loved the Texas sun – the darker my skin was the better and at times, with my olive skin, I could get too dark.  I even owned a sun lamp that I kept on my dressing table to add a little glow (red) to my face before I went out for a date.  Ahhh yes, the innocence of youth…until about age 40. That was when I began to see the error of my ways on my face and thank goodness decided to do something about it…which is why I am now a product junkie!

Recently, I received a makeover at the YSL Counter at Nordstrom.  I commented to Angie, the YSL Beauty Advisor, afterwards on how smooth my skin felt and I was given a sample of Forever Youth Liberator in Crème.  Not only does it have an SPF 15, it also hydrates the skin and adds a slight radiance to it.  The extra plus is has delightful smell. One week later, it was purchased and added to my beauty bag.

Product packaging states it’s for stressed looking skin caused by fatigue or the environment and a few other conditions.  It goes on to say that “in just 7 days the skin feels transformed, smoother, much firmer and plumper.  After one month the skin will appear tighter, as if lifted and the skin looks visibly younger.” I have been using this product for a couple of weeks and my skin feels somewhat firmer and it is very supple. I even mentioned it to my co-worker, Carolyn, at school one morning, as I greeted her saying ‘feel my skin!”  For application, I apply my serums to my face and then spread a very small amount of this cream on over it.  I then follow with my primer and foundation.

Additionally, I received a sample of the Forever Youth Eye Serum and I must say I love this product even more!  I apply a few drops around my eyes right before my foundation goes on and I immediately see a smoother finish to my ‘canvas’ that lasts throughout the day.

Forever Young?  Probably not, but it is great to have the knowledge of age and still be able to get that youthful glow… it’s like a genie in a bottle with unlimited wishes!

Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles.  ~George Eliot


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