Cocktail Time!

The lotus flower is referred to as the Cinderella of the flower world, so my due diligence informs me.  In a relationship, it is used to show total love for someone and forgiving all hurt in one’s past. It is also used in Asian religions to represent awakening to the spiritual reality of life.  So, why do you need this information you are asking me about right now?

A few months ago I was at Nordstrom visiting with Carmen, a Beauty Advisor with Clientele, and she gave me a sample of Lotus Firming Serum.  She mentioned that this serum ‘contained the highest concentration of the sacred Lotus Seed extract’ which improves elasticity and radiance and adds a healthy glow to the skin. Not having ever smelled a lotus flower, I had no idea how they smelled or what their ‘secret’ skincare weapon was.  But I must say I liked the smell of this product on my first whiff.  So I took the sample home and have tried it over the last month. You do feel some firmness after it is first applied.  I used it on my target areas such as my forehead, the 11’s and in my smile zone.  I really liked the product and mentioned this to Carmen on a visit with her a week ago. It was then that she told me about a ‘cocktail’ that will really firm your skin even more.  I felt like the donkey with the dangling carrot.  Got it!

The cocktail? Lotus Firming Serum with a splash of Elastology’s Fortifier or you might call it Twice Firm.  Use one ‘tap’ of each product in your palm, mix and smooth it on your target areas.  It’s really amazing what a difference the two mixed together will do! Fortifier is rich in protein, vitamins and contains Sacred Lotus Flower Extract, as well. Again, there’s something about that flower.

So tonight and in the days ahead take time for you.  Light the candles, put on a little Elvis and mix yourself a cocktail just for you… then celebrate the discovery of the miraculous lotus flower and the transformation this extract can make on your skin.  Cheers!

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. – Joseph Addison

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