Spandex for the Skin?

Walk into any store and mention to a beauty advisor you are concerned about wrinkles or sagging skin and you will be whisked away to a counter and shown a variety of products that will lift, tone, firm, tighten and heal.  So in doing that last month I was shown a new product by Carmen with Clientele at Nordstrom in North Park.  She referred to this jar as ‘spandex for your skin’. And I smiled. Marketed under the very savvy name of simply Wrinkle Treatment with the tagline ‘The 30 Second Age Eraser’ she vows it restores a more youthful, radiant look to your skin while promoting elasticity. Carmen is in my age range and her skin looks amazingly smooth and it virtually lineless.  I am interested!

I’ve been using this cream for about a month and it really does soften the appearance of lines, especially when used with the Lotus Firming Serum I posted about recently. Again there is something about that lotus flower! Deep wrinkles fill and soften in just a few minutes, so for me I’m not sure about the 30 second claim. Give it a couple of minutes and enjoy the feeling as it firms your skin.  It hydrates and smoothes those age prone areas around my eyes and mouth area, and my forehead, too.  I am liking this product and so will you.  Product labeling states “Wrinkle Treatment contains many state-of-the-art Antioxidants like Vitamins C, E and EGT which claims to be more powerful than CoQ10.”

Another hint: Use this product under your eyes before using the Peptide Wrinkle Concealer which we’ve discussed on previous posts.  Using both will firm the eye area which will definitely make a younger you as it smoothes those pesky smile lines away.

Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles. – George Eliot

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