May the Force (aka SPF) Be With You

Walking through my favorite department store, I was stopped in my tracks by a makeup artist with the comment “may I redo your makeup – it’s a little on the orangy side.” I hopped in that chair quick as a rabbit, hoping no one had seen the Orange Me, yet! As she proceeded with the ‘do over’ of my morning makeup mess, Leila (Yes, as in Princess) shared a new product with me that she promised would lighten my eyes and look for summer. Diorsnow BB Eye Satin Brightening Eye Crème with Sunscreen. A mouthful, right? But! This brightening and hydrating eye treatment instantly reduced my dark spots, puffiness and those unsightly dark circles I am known to have. It goes on with a satin finish and contains pure flower nectar and SPF 20. Handing me the mirror, she wanted me to see how immediately after the application my eyes appeared smoother and brighter. There is a BB cream for your face, too, with an SPF50 so if you have made the commitment (as we all should) to protect your skin from the sun this summer, these products will be just right for you, too.

The eye crème is more fluid than the BB crème and is very lightweight. It has a sponge tip applicator which gives you the ability to apply just the right amount for each eye. After my primer is applied, I put about 4 dots with the sponge tip under my eye and blend using my fingertips. Then I add my foundation and then a few more dots again to brighten and illuminate the eye area. It doesn’t cake and looks very natural even by days end.
As a side note… after my application each time I passed a mirror I did a double take… the ‘eyes’ have it with this new discovery.

Every smile makes you a day younger. ~Chinese Proverb

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