Are You Snow White?

I was flipping through the channels last week and caught a repeat of Dr. Oz with his guest Dr. Dennis Gross, as well as another dermatologist, Dr. Hilary Reich. I am like a sponge when it comes to learning about products and skincare so I immersed myself in the show to see what it was all about. Women in the audience were asked to bring a picture of their mom or maternal grandmother so they could see firsthand what their future self would look like.
Looking in your mirror mirror on the wall, do you see wrinkles? Age spots? Sagging skin? Like the evil Queen there are days I want to shatter that mirror because of what I see. But! Rather than do that and risk 7 years of bad luck, here are the suggestions from Dr. Gross that we can all learn from to change our future.
Look closely at your face and then a picture of your mom or maternal grandmother. If it looks like you will be wrinkle prone, add a topical Vitamin C serum to your evening ritual. Topical vitamin C serums have antioxidants that promote collagen growth and diminish wrinkles.
If pigmentations, such as brown patches or age spots are beginning to appear, add alpha beta hydroxyl peels to your morning or evening rituals. These peels exfoliate skin and minimize age spots, as well as brightening your skin and lighten those areas of concern.
And for those of us that are noticing a sagging look to the skin especially around the chin/neck area, creating those jowls, get a peptide cream or lotion into that beauty bag and use it daily all over your face and neck. Peptides increase collagen and elastin production to reduce the appearance of sagging.
Dr. Gross does, of course, have products in his line that will address each of these issues, but so do other brands as well. Read the labels or ask a beauty consultant for advice. Be diligent in your beauty routine and you will see a difference and reap the rewards of beautiful skin. Then that mirror mirror on the wall will be calling you the fairest of them all.
People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile. ~Lee Mildon

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