The Whole Truth and Nothing But

Benefit has a new tagline on their newest product, They’re Real! Push Up Liner. It states “If Easy Was a Crime She Was Guilty” and raising my right hand to take the oath… I must agree. This is a great product for all of us that love to line our eyes, but can’t quite get that line not only straight, but close to our lashes. I cannot tell you why my hand stays on course with this liner, but it does!

I’ve been testing this liner for a couple of weeks now and I have had no do-overs! It is a waterproof, matte, jet black gel and it just glides onto your lid. It doesn’t smudge, or budge throughout the day, but it does wash away with my face wash – easily.
You twist a dial located on the base of the applicator and then glide the tip along your lashes and that’s it! The tip is silicone and flexible so it goes right up to your lashes. You cannot get too much product on the liner brush because you will hear a click as you load the felt tip. One click will give you enough product for both eyes. Now a word to the wise as they say….do not keep clicking the dial! Use. Patience. Please. Just wait a few seconds and you’ll see the gel ooze out in a thin line…otherwise too many clicks will dispense WAY TOO MUCH gel and it will clump up when you try to draw your line.

After application, let your line dry and set for a few seconds and from then on NO SMUDGING! This eyeliner will stay on until YOU decide to take it off.
Raising my right hand, once again… This is the truth!

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. ~Quoted in P.S. I Love You

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