More Flash…Don’t Blink!

Just when I think I can “flash” my primer and my foundation onto my face in a few quick swipes of my brush, I am introduced to more flash… and believe me; this one sets the stage (your face) for the day! Diorskin Airflash Matte Touch comes in one universal shade to set your makeup to exactly that – a matte finish. It comes in the very same style aerosol as Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation and its CC Primer and as promised, it will keep the shine away from your complexion throughout the day… even if it is a 105 degree day in Dallas. It has been tested…by me!

Along with its predecessors, this unique spray technology really delivers tiny powder particles that cover your complexion in a soft veil and sets makeup for sheer coverage which smoothes and perfects skin and absorbs oil. It has a nicer finish and overall “look” than any other powder I have ever used. I have used it with my liquid foundation as well as my tinted moisturizers. Each time it produces a great finished look to my makeup. If you want to really make your complexion ‘pop’ use all three Airflash products together and look what happens. They will leave your skin with a very natural texture, with that “something extra” and offers really professional looking results. You will get the spray brushed look seen in magazines, but it’s probably not something you want to do every day, since you do have price points involved.

From the Dior makeup artist’s lips to my pen for you… apply 2-3 sprays to your makeup brush and brush all over your face. This will set your makeup for the day and you won’t waste product. Or! Another tip is to use your primer and liquid foundation and top it with the Airflash Matte Touch powder and achieve the same results, but with more coverage.
Either way your skin will look flawless and by day’s end the only thing that will be shining on you is your smile … not you!

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword. ~Charles Reade

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