Go Ahead – Bite!

So I picked up this little jewel at Sephora recently quite by accident and I’ve gotta say, I. AM. LOVING. IT! Bite Beauty’s High Pigment Pencil is just that. Call it lipstick. Call it a lip crayon. Call it Color. Call it a pencil full of amazing color. It actually looks like a lip pencil but you twist the bottom of the pencil instead of using a sharpener. There are 21 colors and I want all of them! Chablis and Toast are two of my favorites, but then there’s Meritage, Sarah and… well, you get the idea.
But, as in all things good – be prepared. The pigment is shocking when you put in on your lips… like in your face with a ton of color! It’s easy to apply and no lip liner is needed! After applying I want you to know that because it is so creamy, it will take a few minutes to dry completely. It’s very hydrating and is long-lasting, too.
Then there’s the colors; well, they are all AMAZING! I’ve never before had a lip product that I just feel like I want to own every single shade that’s available. I’m thinking a few in my beauty bag, a few in my purse, a couple at my desk, and a couple in the car – after the 100 degree days are a distant memory of course.
Ask for James if you are at the Sephora North Park Dallas location. This well-informed beauty advisor will give you his time and instructions on any products in the store and with Sephora’s sample station you can try each and every color available. No biting James though!
Smile. One shall never tire, no matter the distance, while walking with a friend. – Danny Tarno

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