I Confess, I Did DVR NCIS

I am a huge fan of NCIS … even in reruns there’s just something about Jethro Gibbs that just… well… pulls me into each epi, but! I had to DVR Jethro and watch QVC one Tuesday night recently for a product launch I was sooo excited to hear more about. It was all about Alpha Beta® Medi-Spa Peel. Did you see it? After watching Dr. Dennis Gross perform the procedure on a client LIVE I had to try it! Now I didn’t order it from QVC, because it was not going to ship for at least a week so I attended another product launch at Nordstrom two days later… and would you believe? I ended up having to order the product there too. LOL Oh well… but I am telling ya it’s worth the wait.

This Medi-Spa Peel is much like the Alpha Beta 2-Step Peel Pads I have discussed on a previous post, but there is one difference. It’s more intense – as in little more tingling and over time should make Botox only a distant memory. This system is used only once a week either with the Alpha Beta Peel Pads or alone. I am using them together for maximum fine line erasing!

Containing 15 powerful acids which is more than double the amount in original Alpha Beta® Peel pads it will instantly revive the skin. Like the pads, this is a two-step application. The Step 1 pad is thicker and will gently nourish and rejuvenate the skin, while the Step 2 Peptide Milk neutralizes the skin and enhances acid benefits. When I asked Ernique, product rep for DDG Skincare, he remarked it’s for those of us looking to turbo-charge their skincare regimen, improve skin tone, reduce pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving cell turnover. Furthermore, it’s for all skin types.

Apply a presoaked pad to clean, dry skin using broad strokes. After 3-5 minutes, massage Step 2 onto face in upward motion following facial contours. Do not rinse after either step or use products containing alcohol. That’s it! (I think doing this in the evening is better, so you get the full benefit) After two applications I have begun to see a softening in my forehead horizontal lines. Since this box contains 16 applications I am hoping to see lines from my forehead diminished by the holiday season.

Now, if only Jethro will forgive me. You know how men can be when when they don’t have our complete attention. Right girls/guys?

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