Catch Me… I’m Falling

Bliss. Webster’s dictionary describes it as “perfect happiness; joy, happiness, ecstasy, elation, and euphoria. I call it Ahhhmazing!

I stumbled into Bliss – as in “ Bliss Lid + Lash Makeup Remover – quite by accident and this is one fall unlike those in my past that I really enjoyed. It’s oil-free gel formula removes even waterproof mascara and as a contact lens wearer I can tell you it’s non-irritating formula is safe for us as well. Hint. A little goes a long way.

Because this makeup remover lasts apply sparingly! You can put this products directly onto your lid or your skin and swirl the product around a little. Take a cleaning cloth and swipe and your day’s makeup it gone! Or if you choose, add it to a cleaning cloth and cleanse. Either way and your eye make will be gone!

And here’s some ‘cool’ advice I was given. Store this Lid+Lash Wash Makeup Remover in your refrigerator door to boost its cooling, calming, and depuffing effects. For extreme cases of uncontrolled undereye puff, remove makeup and follow with a cold, crushed, fresh cucumber compress.

Ahhhhh…. Now this is – Bliss!

Breathe, smile and enjoy the moment. – Unknown

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