We all want to feel pretty from the tip of our heads to the bottom of our heels. Why else would there be hair salons and nail/ pedicures boutiques on almost every corner? And speaking of hair like the musical says “I want it long, straight, curly, fuzzy, shaggy, …shining, gleaming, steaming…..down to here, down to there…” Unless it’s a rainy day then we want a big hat right?
Over the last month I’ve been trying different shampoo/conditioners on my fine limp hair to see which ones I liked in different weather conditions. Except for a few cloudy days here and there, we have had hot humid Texas weather all summer long, so think ‘moist’ when it comes to conditions.
My four product choices were Living Proof No Frizz, Bamboo Anti-Frizz, Serge Normant Meta Silk and Aveda’s Invati. As you can tell from the names they all take care of the frizz/curls that hot humid days can produce. I really liked each one for different reasons. Also, I think the variety in shampoos produces better results so my hair was surprised as well… and I am more in control of it, too.
Living Proof Shampoo definitely works on the most humid days. I also used Living Proof No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray which created a somewhat weightless shield on my hair that helped to block humidity on one particular day. Want no frizz and full? I used AMP by Living Proof to achieve the fullness. A little goes a long way on this product. It’s creamy and white so you put a little in your hands and rub together until the white becomes clear. Run your hands through your hair and ‘wa-la’ you have added volume and some height on top without any teasing!
Bamboo Anti Frizz products are wonderful as well. After only a week’s use, my hair condition improved. My hair was indeed sleek and silky, and, especially important for my kind of hair, moisturized. My ends no longer looked like they were going to split any minute. I should also mention the high shine factor. My hair reflected light as if it was recently colored. There is a coating feel to your hair after washing and whatever this coating is, it stayed in my hair after washing with a different shampoo the next week!
Serge Normant Meta Silk was a surprise. I received it as a sample with some beauty products I had purchased at Nordstrom. I absolutely fell in love with this shampoo the first time I tried it. My hair felt so soft and looked vibrant and full. This shampoo really moisturized and helped seal my ends as well. It is sulfate free which is essential for anyone who wants beautiful healthy hair. It also did not fade my color-treated hair as other shampoos can do.
And finally, Invati Shampoo – amazing! This product does all that it promises and more. I will say this is a treatment-type shampoo, so I know over time there will be improvement in my hair if used consistently. It is a low sudsing shampoo, too, so adding more and more product just wastes it. Just work it through your hair and rinse. You will be surprised with the end result. The Invati line is different and I am so happy that I decided to try it. If you have issues with fine hair or hair loss try this product. I know that you will not be disappointed.

Bad hair day? Wear a smile – it’s an inexpensive way to change your looks. Unknown

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