Okay, I Admit It… I am TEXT Challenged

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I get the message across but it’s filled with errors…so, yeah, I am text challenged. I can blame it on my long nails, my lack of reading glasses at the moment, but I also blame SIRI. Can she not understand ‘Southern Drawl” Bless her heart?

But! When it comes to TEXTure, I know all the ends and outs and I have some favorites. How else can I survive in this Texas weather where the higher the hair the closer to God we are? No matter where you live you have to deal with humid conditions and if you like your hair full (or BIG in Texas) there are products you can apply after shampooing that will help you achieve just that.

Now that the humidity is lowering with the cool temps, I wanted to share two texture favorites with you. Infra Texture by CHI and Joico’s Power Whip. There’s a trick I learned several years ago when it comes to application. Layer your products. If you apply all of these at once you are going to have a sticky mess and when dry you might see yourself as the cartoon characters who sticks his finger in a light socket…So, do this – After towel drying your hair put an egg sized ball of Power Whip into the palm of your hand and run it through your hair. This will perform liked whipped foam (mousse) when it comes to texture. Blow dry into your favorite style. Then, take the CHI Infra Texture and spray it through your hair – like a hairspray and run your hands through your hair. You can use it as a hair spray as well so when you have the need to freshen up your style during the day you hair is full and full of texture for that night-time ‘do’.

Now if I could only learn to text and texture at the same time…hmmm…. Oh …SIRI??

Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are no smiles available. ~Jim Beggs

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