Twinkle Twinkle You Are The Star

Looking for some sparkle so you will be the one they notice when you walk in the room as the holidays approach? Look no farther than Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc. Wow! This is a unique baked formula highlighter that you can apply effortlessly to brighten your eyes, cheeks and body with a hint of natural color and light. There are light-reflecting properties that blend together to give your skin a healthy all-over glow. I use Golden Mosaic and with the versatile colors (4) I can apply it as an eye shadow and on to my cheeks and décolleté for that sparkle for evening.

Seriously! Have fun with this product. I use the gold as a base for my eye shadow and then swirling the rest I use it as a highlighter for my cheeks as a blush. It offers just enough shimmer and it is not too overpowering as other highlighters I have used in the past. I also love the warm tones of these four colors as they really compliment my skin tone. However if you prefer pinker tones, there is also a Pink Mosaic as well as a Peach Mosaic available, too. Choose the one that best flatters your.
For nighttime wear… swirl all the colors together and slide in across your décolleté and then over your cheeks and onto your shoulders right before that special dinner and your guy will wonder …

Is her smile a question? Or is it her answer? ~Lee Smith

One thought on “Twinkle Twinkle You Are The Star

  1. Not only do I find your product evaluations helpful, I find them entertaining in presentation. I also “smile” at each of your quotes. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! VERY MUCH ENJOY THIS BLOG!

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