Are You Making Your List?

Have you been naughty or nice to your skin this year? Afterall, it is the season for giving and if there’s one item you should have on your “YOU list” it’s a Clairsonic. It’s the perfect gift for skincare and with several different varieties available there is one just for you.

And oh what a difference this little machine will make on your skin for the new year and every year after too. I have been using Clarisonic’s Mia 2 (in pink), for about a month now and after the very first week’s use my skin glowed. Another thing I noticed – it definitely clears and reduces the size and appearance of pores so my makup goes on smoother. There’s a little recessed well in the center of the circular brush and that little ‘well’ is where you put your cleanser. It doesn’t take a lot so there’s a saver on product as well. Turn the Mia on and use it over your face as if it’s divided into 3 sections – forehead, nose/cheek, and chin/neck. It can be used on high or low depending on your skin sensitivity. Be ready when you use it on your nose… it does tickle!

One full charge gives you about 20 rounds of cleaning and for all you shower lovers it can be used there as well. Also, there are over 12 brush heads available for additional purchases, so you can experience a variety of uses with your Clairsonic body from face to pedi! The normal brush head is the one that comes with the unit and it is recommended that you change these about every three months.

So as, you are making your lists and checking them twice, think of you this year and gift yourself with a Clarsonic. You will love the Santa in your for this gift that will keep on giving to your skin from it’s first use.

“Your smile is the greatest gift of all” – Unkown

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