Time… Capture It!

“If I could save time in a bottle…” That was Jim Croce’s soulful hit back in 1972.  Some of you won’t remember that one, but Philosophy has captured the term in their skin firming, brightening and smoothing serum, Time in a Bottle, and it’s a gift for us.  This new product gives us what women want – a revolutionary anti-aging serum that actually reduces those visible signs of aging that greet us in the mirror each morning.

What makes this serum unique is that it features a high-potency Vitamin C8 activator that works to help protect our skin from environmental aggressors and further damage. The unique, fresh-pour system triggers the highest level of activity and potency by mixing the serum and activator prior to first use. This serum is for any skin type of skin at any age to help skin appear radiant, poreless, even, wrinkle-free, smooth, and firm. And I am happy to report – it works!

The first time I used this serum I was amazed by how instantly it absorbed into my skin and how velvety soft it made my skin feel.  The brightening effects of the added Vitamin C were noticeable within the first week of use. As we know Vitamin C is so good at keeping those brown age spots away and keeping our complexion glowing. And, as with some Vitamin C infused serums, I experienced no burning or stinging with this product at all. The good news is you will definitely see a difference in your skin in 3-4 days. It is a serum, so remember the usual routine: After washing your face, apply treatments/serums, followed by your moisturizers. A little goes a long way, too.  Use sparingly and don’t waste your product – or your price points.

A little suggestion for your first time use:  After removing this product from the box you will pour the entire vial of high-potency Vitamin C8 activator into the serum and fasten the pump to the bottle.  Shake well for 20 seconds. The serum will turn light pink, indicating it’s ready to begin transforming your skin. You may use this AM and/or PM by applying to clean, dry skin. Avoid direct contact with eyes and follow with moisturizer if needed. Product labeling recommends that your serum be used within three months after mixing for best results.

Capture some time and spend it with family!

Peace begins with a smile. – Mother Teresa

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