Swish & Pop!

Well… instead of earrings Santa brought me a new car this year.  So, what does a new car have to do with a skincare/makeup blog you ask?  Just one thing.  Since I am not ready to endure the ‘ouch’ of the first ‘ding’ yet, I decided to park in a new lot last week at the mall… and walked right into an instructional makeup session at Nordstrom.  I so love learning new techniques!  They are not only informative, but fun!

This one just happened to be led by Charlotte Tilbury’s group featuring her Cheek to Chic Pop Blush.  Since it was a New Year’s Eve afternoon and I had party plans with high school friends that night, I opted for ‘Bombshel’ for my nighttime look!  It was an over-the-top image for me, but again, such fun as I watched the make-up artist create a new ‘me’.  A couple of pictures later (I have even used one on Facebook) will help me remember the look and the way in which it was achieved.  I encourage you  to always take several pictures when you get your make-up done by a professional – even one with your eyes closed too, so you can create the look again.

Swish & Pop Blush reminds me of a Life Saver. The case is circular with one main color around the outside of the circle and the center holds a strong color for your ‘pop’.   This blush features a different texture than other blushes on the market today.  It is smooth, and has great pigment.  It feels like a finely milled pressed powder with a finish that translates to translucency and luminosity.  Beautiful! Cheek to Chic blushes come with instructions on how to use the two-toned compact by the Swish & Pop method of application. One swirl in the compact and the rest is magically done for you.  It looks good, it feels good and it stays put once it is applied – mine lasted for over eight hours or should I say, ‘until the stroke of midnight’.

Yes, it was a Cinderella evening for me… I attended the ‘ball’ with over 50 friends and shortly after midnight I washed away the ‘glamour look’ with only a picture for reference (my version of a glass slipper).  I just might want to play fairy godmother for myself again in the future!

Smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies. If you have a good sense of humor and a good approach to life, that’s beautiful. – Rashida Jones

4 thoughts on “Swish & Pop!

  1. Nordstrom always has something going on! One of the reasons why I love going there! The Mac counter also has a lot of events when I go there!

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