Dream Skin Just For You

Airbrushed. Poreless. Smooth. Those are some of your comments on my recent picture which was taken on New Year’s Eve.  So how did I create it?  We’ve discussed many products on this blog over the last year.  It has been not only fun, but enlightening for me as I have educated myself about products.   I hope it has been for you as well.  Suffice it to say, we all have our favorites and for me, it was an ‘event’ just getting everything ready to apply. When you have a special day on your calendar, I suggest planning.  Know what serums, creams and color makeup you are going to use before “the day” and make sure you have primed your face days in advance as well.

I had a micro facial a few days before the New Year to prepare my face and make sure it was hydrated.  Next, as you know from previous posts, I am a huge fan of Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads for Face.  I used one on my face and décolleté the day before so the “glow factor” was in effect, but not so overpowering since we are in the middle of winter.  One day later it was somewhat lighter and natural looking and I am ready for the applications and to create my ‘look’ for the night.

That special product for airbrushed, poreless, smooth skin that stood up to the camera’s lens that night was Dior’s Capture Total DreamSkin.  I was amazed at how quickly it worked and what it did for the appearance of my skin.  And! It created a perfect canvas for me to apply my makeup.  Not only did it give me an airbrushed look with a slightly matte finish it lasted throughout the evening.  My skin felt like velvet with some enhanced luminosity which made for some ‘special effect’ pictures created only with makeup.

Capture Totale DreamSkin is a winner of Allure Magazine’s “Best of Beauty Award for Best Top Splurges 2014”, so that tells you there are some price points associated with this serum.  One product review states it aids in loss of firmness and radiance with reduced dark spots and redness, too.  So if you are looking for a new product for 2015 that does this, you may want to try it.

Be warned though…there are side effects – a simply airbrushed poreless camera-ready look – Just. For. You!

If you turn a smiling face on the world, you’ve got a chance of finishing up a good-looking old person. – Rolf Harris

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