Who Needs a Lift?

Opening my beauty bag I see more favorites… actually these are more than favorites – they are staples – they are my day and night cream.  These creams have actually become like family since I have been using this same duo since 2006.  I have tried many other specialty creams, but I always include these in my regimen.

During that time, my son dated a girl who was immersed in the world of Texas pageants while he attended Texas A&M University.  This cream – dubbed Facelift In a Jar – was part of the Red Carpet Bag given to contestants at those events and became a much sought after ‘miracle cream.” I got the chance to snag a sample and later became friends with the developer of the cream at Village Compounding Pharmacy and the rest is history.

This is a compounded formula and can be purchased only at Village Compounding Pharmacy in Houston.  There is day cream and night cream formula. Once ordered, it is mixed just for you and delivered in ice the next day to you.  It must be kept refrigerated at all times to maintain its freshness and usually lasts me about 4 months.

Periodically my dermatologist will examine my Texas sun damaged skin under that black florescent light and continues to comment on the improvements she sees in the dermis layers of my skin. This is really important to me.  Of course we always want our skin to look healthy on the outside, but inside, I want that as well.

What began as Facelift In a Jar now touts the name of Infusion Two. Village Compounding Pharmacy offers two formulas of this cream – one by prescription only (it contains added hormones) and one compounded for over the counter use as well.  I use the over the counter formula.  For more information on Infusion Two check out the pharmacy Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/VillageCompoundingPharmacy.

Who needs a face lift? This is the only way I do it!

A smile costs nothing but gives much. – Unknown

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