Aromatherapy Plus Cleanser!

Speaking with a beauty advisor about facial cleansers for men a few weeks ago, I was approached by another shopper who asked me if I had tried Eve Lom who she said created the first-ever balm cleanser.  Gosh! I just love moments like that when a true ‘man/woman’ on the street starts telling me about a product they are truly excited about.  So we talked for a few minutes before I ventured over to the Eve Lom counter for some Skincare 101 with their expert.

I learned that this cleanser is formulated with a unique blend of four aromatic oils, and contains an award-winning formula which cleanses, decongests and removes makeup without stripping the skin.  Each jar of Eve Lom comes with this unique Eve Lom muslin cloth for application.  The four aromatic oils include Egyptian chamomile oil which softens and soothes, clove oil which encourages clarity, the eucalyptus oil decongests the pores, and a hops oil tones.  All four are all blended into a cocoa butter which conditions the skin. And, since this is an aroma-type therapy cleanser there are some extra steps to add to your cleansing ritual so that you get the full benefit of the cleanser, if you so choose. A true spa treatment… ahhh!

To begin your application, smooth the cleanser over your entire face and neck on top of your makeup. Yep.  Right on top of all of it!  Now, it doesn’t take a lot of the product, but do cover your entire face. Place your fingers in the center of your forehead from brow-bone to hairline and press firmly and hold for a count of 5 and release. Repeat across the temples. Then place 3 fingers under the eyes on either side of the nose.  Apply pressure and hold for a count of 5 and release working down to the jaw line.  Next, move to your cheeks, spread your fingers like a fan and press and hold again for 5 and release and continue around your jaw line.  Finally to complete the facial, hold the muslin cloth soaked in hot water over your entire face and take a deep breath and hold for 7 to 10 seconds.  Repeat.  Rinse your cloth and remove all traces of makeup and cleaner. Then rinse your cloth in cold water and apply to your face to close all your pores.

This is truly a unique cleanser.  It’s not just a product that cleans your face; this is a full at-home spa treatment that leaves your skin not only soft, but thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated. I use this as a supplemental cleanser since it’s more involved than just cleansing my face.  It’s perfect for one of our weekly ‘spa nights’ when you want to have a DIY spa treatment and enjoy the benefits and relaxation it produces.  A slightly chilled Chardonnay is optional.

Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles. ~George Eliot

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