50 Shades of Glow

There may be 50 shades of grey, but I can assure you the same goes for most other colors out there as well.  And, really?  Who wants to be grey when spring is in the air and we have such luscious colors from which to choose from head to toe?

With the arrival of the Merry Month of May, it’s time to get your glow factor going!  Just last week, my friend, Laura, was asking me about tanning options as she prepares for a trip to my favorite place, Napa Valley.  So, I gave her my favorite glow product in my beauty bag in addition to my favorite wineries, too!

My main “go-to” product for an all over glow is Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads.  There is a pad made for your face and décolleté as well as one for your body (which is actually a towel).  These pads are infused with active Vitamin D which gives your face and your body a truly believable natural looking color.  You will notice the pads are odorless and produce a streak free color and with a combination of alpha and beta hydroxyl acids they penetrate the skin to exfoliate, tighten the pores and produce an even glow both on your body and on your face.  They are an essential product in my weekly beauty routine during the warmer months, but the facial pads are a staple in my beauty bag as I love to have glow going year round.

These pads can be used whenever you choose, however I usually apply the pads to my face and body following my bath.  Application is so easy.  Just wipe!  Be sure and cover all of your neck and your ears, too.  And!  If you want a darker shade just increase the number of times you go over your face/body with your towel. A word of caution, however – wash your hands thoroughly after use.  This product begins to produce results almost immediately and you won’t want those ‘tell tell’ tanning signs on your palms. Then, I wait about 5 minutes and apply my nighttime moisturizer.  The color is long lasting as well – usually about 7 days.  I have other glow favorites that I use throughout the summer, but I must say, this is my all time favorite!

So turn your face to the sun and let anything grey be only the shadows that fall behind you then you can be as radiant as the sun and glow!

By the way, I’m wearing the smile you gave me. ~Author Unknown

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