SWAK – in Red!

Trend Show 2015 is in the history books, but oh what memories!  Saturday morning – 7:30 am. With my friend, Karen, who loves fashion trends including makeup and skincare as much as I do, we enjoyed an exclusive runway show featuring the latest from our favorite designers.  Following a two-hour presentation we spent the next four hours immersing ourselves in makeup and skin care consultations which included beauty tips, tons of pampering, and a bevy of free samples.  My Beauty Bag runneth over!

Big Red Lips.  Think Glamour.  One of the newest trends that continues sweeping the beauty world are those luscious red lips.  Don’t shake your head “no” until you have brightened those lips at least once. There is a shade for each of us. Sure neutrals are still out there, but for 2015 go for the Red!

So you didn’t grow up in the 50’s? I know you have see the pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn as well as current actresses such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie. You, too, can have one of the most gorgeous and classy looks in makeup – big, red, glossy lips and it’s so easy.

Prep your lips with some sort of a scrub and follow with moisturizer.  Apply lightly across your lips. You don’t want anything that’s sticky or too heavy that will create a film on top of the lips. Line your lips with a thin line of concealer so you have a clean lip line. Start your color at the peak of your lips before lining your lips. This can be done with your lip liner for a more pronounced application or with only your lipstick for a more casual look.  Then fill in your lips. Add a little lip gloss and you are ready to SMILE!

If you are still shaking your head – yes, I can still feel the wave of a few doubters –  try Dior’s Cheek and Lipglow from their Spring Release.  It’s exactly what it says it is but it’s one of the best products I tried (and purchased) at the show.

Application is pretty straightforward, just apply directly on the lips with the ball applicator and let it dry. Notice it leaves a slight tingling sensation as it dries, similar to lip plumping glosses. For the cheeks Dior suggests a slight swipe of the ball applicator on the cheeks then with your fingertip blend with circular motion. You can always reapply a few times to build up intensity if you are looking for a much brighter lip color. This product wears really well, and boasts a beautiful rosy tint that almost looks just like your lips.

Either way go for the big red lips just once this spring and watch the inner you ‘pop’ out of Neutral you!

I have so much more from the Trend Show to share with you in the weeks ahead whether we chat over coffee, wine, or just old-fashioned girl talk.  In the meantime…Keep smiling, because “life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” – Marilyn Monroe

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