The Trend Show Wave Keeps Rolling

Still riding the wave of Nordstrom’s Trend Show …I am singing Carly Simon’s soulful tune declaring “Nobody Does It Better.“  And!  There are so many things I still want to share with you.  As I said before my Beauty Bag runneth over with samples to try for us and of course.. I purchased even more!

One line I was introduced to at the show was Osomotics.  They are known for their Blue Copper 5 products that have brought some incredible results to their clients.  Two essential products that were featured during the show were sold out within the first hour so being intrigued I just had to place an order. You get that, right??  Now, one week later, I must say they were well worth the wait as I began to see results within a few days.

A quick word about copper and skincare first. Maybe you are like me… the only time you think about copper might be when you toss a handful of pennies into your change jar, or give them to your children, but my dermatologist says as a skin care ingredient, copper is worth its weight in gold. The metal has proven to fight wrinkles and treat scars which makes copper key to healthy, glowing skin. And there’s more! Copper is an essential mineral for skin health and when combined with collagen boosting peptides will work together at a cellular level to fortify the skin against visible signs of aging. The two products I wanted to try in this line were Osmotics Lipofill Non-Surgical Filler and their Blue Copper 5 Prime Eye Cream.

I used Lipofill on the nasolabial folds at first and was amazed how in a few minutes they were hardly noticeable. And! The effect lasted throughout the day, too!  I am now experimenting on using it on the vertical lines above my upper lip.  The eye cream I am using all around my eye at night and during the day, because of makeup application, I use it only around the hollows of my eyes.  Within a few hours I began to see a difference.  I can honestly say my skin is somewhat firmer and more toned.  It’s a silky, light cream based lotion and absorbs almost immediately, so apply it in the morning and wait about 5 minutes before you put your make-up onto your face.

Yes, there are some price points associated with these products, but as I mentioned earlier these skincare items were sold out within the first hour of the show and orders had to be placed.  So you see, they are worth their weight in gold – or make that… copper!

A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks. ~Charles Gordy

3 thoughts on “The Trend Show Wave Keeps Rolling

  1. I love the Osmotics Blue Copper Prime Eye Cream and will need to try the Osmotics Lipofil Non-Surgical Filler. I try almost all of the products you write about and, with your help, my beauty bag has improved drastically and is more complete! I always enjoy your blog. Thanks Judy!

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