I Am NOT My Hair!

I am NOT my hair!  Period.  Exclamation mark (in bold type!) I am living in an area that’s seeing day upon day of rain, flash flooding, and humidity which I – nor my hair – have never experienced.  Even the extended forecast is like the week previous and the one before that, and next week’s 7-day forecast is the same.  Thunderstorms. Flash flooding. 100% humidity. Therefore, I have two choices.  Stay inside and watch the rain drops through the window pane or just deal with it.  And really?  Once you get the umbrella open (and if the wind doesn’t invert it) there are positives.  Your makeup stays dewy, your skin WELL hydrated  and it’s just your hair that takes on its own personality.

For weeks, I was looking into that mirror mirror on the wall. The reflection I saw was long, fine hair where months before during much drier days, I saw hair with volume (I’m in Texas, so volume is a must, right?)  But! I have found some great products that are helping me deal with the weather and my hair.  Pour a cup of coffee – let’s talk.

Beautiful hair on the outside really starts on the inside.  Think internal beauty.  Viviscal is making my fine hair fluffy in this weather – and I have learned fluffy is better than limp because it curls great!  Viviscal promotes existing hair growth from within and Jimmy Moreau, my amazing hair stylist/colorist at Crown Hair Salon in Highland Park, promises it won’t be long before he tells me to stop the growth. I smile. Viviscal contains Vitamin C, Niacin, Biotin and Iron.  It’s in tablet form and you can take up to two a day. And, yes, my hair is growing and it is thicker.

And! There’s more when it comes to inner beauty health.  Neocell Beauty Infusion is a collagen drink mix I was introduced to at Central Market.  It contains 6,000 mg of collagen, 50mg Hyaluronic acid, 3,000mcg Biotin, and Alpha Lipoic Acid plus Vitamin C. Great flavors include Cranberry, Appletini, and Tangerine Twist. I’ve learned the importance of incorporating beauty health on the inside and yes, I can see changes on the outside.

Mother Nature is always going to be in control when it comes to my hair.  I know at some point the rain and cool temps will become days filled sun and 100 degrees.  Again, my hair will be challenged but it is now healthy hair.  Armed with my 2 inch curling iron in one hand and my brush in the other, I can create full hair with volume.  So I smile – though I know I am still not my hair – yet!

Inner smiles bring sunshine to those we meet and to us! – By Judy (me)

3 thoughts on “I Am NOT My Hair!

  1. After I finish my coffee, I will order both of these. 😊. I have been taking niacin and that has helped but my hair could use more. These are great reccommendations! Do you mix Neocell Beauty Infusion with water?

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