Happy 60th Birthday Mickey!

Having just returned from “the happiest place on earth” with my entire family celebrating birthdays for Mickey and my girls, my Fitbit showed over 53,000 steps in 5 days so in bold type I must say – I am pooped!  But!  Tomorrow “is another day” as I am fond of saying and I am off to the mall to check out a new beauty product I heard about while I was away.

I had to pack conservatively when it came to my beauty bag since many of our skincare products are heat sensitive and I didn’t want them breaking down as they traveled to sunny California in the belly of the plane.  So I opted to take samples of a line of products that I could slip into my purse that would last for a week and chose La Prairie of Switzerland.

Three products – so three reviews this week.  La Prairie’s Anti Aging Rapid Response Booster is a fast acting wrinkle filling gel serum.  Product labeling promises you will see visibly younger looking skin in two weeks and I have indeed seen a difference in my skin.  I applied this serum twice a day – AM and PM directly to lines and wrinkles as it delivered anti-wrinkle peptides exactly where needed to reduce depth and length of wrinkles. Nice!

Okay so the next product I packed was a richly indulgent cream for my eyes, La Prairie’s Cellular Radiance Eye Cream. Product labeling states It revitalizes hydrates and smoothes the delicate skin around your eyes, and a brightening complex diffuses light for a golden glow. Signs of stress and fatigue which of course happens on family vacations was replaced by instant luminosity. It worked! Again with this fabulous eye cream I saw a difference by Day 5.

Finally, I found another jewel in La Prairie’s Anti Aging Neck Cream which is formulated to help reshape the chin and neck area by producing a slimming and tightening effect through regular use. The cream also helps reduce age spots while promoting even skin tone, elasticity and texture.  Over time I have no doubt that this product would slim and tighten the neck as I noticed some of this from the sample I was using.  Reshaping the chin?  I cannot comment on that because it didn’t happen.  But! Again it was used as a sample for one week.

What I must pause and say at this point is La Prairie is a luxury skincare line.  Price points are very high, in fact, these three products cost within a few pennies of what I paid for all of us to go to Disney.  But!  The small change I saw in one week indicates there could be real changes in my skin when used over a long period of time.

So I’m thinking… perhaps these products go on my Christmas list?

Smile Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever. – Walt Disney

One thought on “Happy 60th Birthday Mickey!

  1. I just read your post from July 2 bc I just ran across it in my gmail which I don’t check very often…why do we need gmail when we have email??? What FUN taking the family to Disneyland!! See u next week❤️😊👍 I alway enjoy your post!!!

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