Google A New Look!

Let’s just call it an unplanned ‘opportunity’ to relax.  What actually happened was I had to sit/ lie with my leg up in the air for over a week following a minimally invasive surgery that turned into more than minimal. Given the fact that I am so not a fan of daytime TV so I had to become resourceful on things to occupy my mind and spirit. So I turned to what else?  Google!

I am a huge fan of Amy Robach.  Not only is she beautiful on the outside her beauty goes deep on the inside, too.  So I Googled:  “Amy”.  I must say for a brief moment it sorta felt like I was stalking her and then I found what I was looking for – the site of her makeup artist on Good Morning America.  If I could only make my eyes look like Amy’s  I have thought so many  times … and then on that Thursday afternoon I found the instructions on how to achieve it.

Amy’s make-up artist is nationally known, Brooke Glaser, and if you have ever been intrigued by Amy’s look as I have here’s what Brooke shares on how she achieves it. “On Amy Robach’s eyes I prime the entire lid with a MAC Paint Pot in “painterly. After that, I create a crease with a soft brown eyeshadow. Depending on what she is wearing, I will use a deeper brown on the outter corners, sometimes I add a soft purple for an extra pop. I highlight the brow bone with a very light color, almost white and do the same to the inner corners in the tear ducts and will add a little bit of shimmer there also to open it up more. Black gel eyeliner on top winged out, brown liner on the bottom, black mascara and that’s how it’s done!”

Within minutes of my read I ordered Mac’s Paint Pot in Painterly- I mean I had nothing else to do, right?  I must say I soo love this eye shadow!  It’s perfect for a natural look and great for keeping top liner in place like a primer, too.  I like to apply mine with a small brush as its less messy than using my finger and must note here – it stays put forever!

So!  If you find yourself forced to watch daytime TV, look to Google as an alternative.  You might just find a new look or a new product.  Just keep your phone closer than the remote control!

A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.-  Anne Roiphe

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