Glow, Mom, Glow!

Celebrating Mother’s Day August 2015 –  well, it was the day I celebrated my wonderful gift certificate from my precious children. I was on the receiving end of Claudia’s expertise as I was pampered with her amazing hands, techniques, and luxurious products.  Facial. Microderm. Eyebrows. Lips. And! I must stop and say right here – the most beautiful air brushed tan I have ever experienced. Applicator: Glow by Claudia. Tanning Solution:  Norvell.

It’s Day 6 as I am typing this blog and the color is still a beautiful bronze shade and covers my body! “Moisurize. Moisturize.” The last two words Claudia uttered as I left her salon and I have been faithful in following her suggestions.  She actually followed up with me the next day to see what I thought of the color and even answered some questions for me.

Norvell is a custom blended airbrush tanning solution made from all natural ingredients. This high quality spray solution results in a beautiful bronze tan in a matter of minutes. It dried really quick – in record time I must say from others solutions I have tried, too. It was not sticky at all even as the day went on and I was able to go to dinner with my children that night without being uncomfortable.  The scent is different from other solutions as well. Many clients call it a raspberry almond scent.  I would have just called it ‘pleasant’.  This product contains moisturizing aloe vera in purified de-mineralized water, Hawaiian sea extract, sea kelp and Vitamin C. All of these ingredients nourish the skin and extend the life of the tan. One of the very cool things this product offers is custom color with each application.  Claudia can alter the shade throughout the year, so I can continue the glow throughout the year, especially during the holidays, without the appearance of a ‘summer’ tan look.

Ahhh. A day of relaxation.  It’s something we need to do for ourselves to keep our skin looking its best and our mental health reaps the benefits, too.  Whether it’s Mother’s Day or just Your day, indulge in a day just for you – soon!

I like her because she smiles at me and means it. ~Terri Guillemets

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