Sitting ’round the Table

I so love writing this beauty blog each week.  For me it’s more like having a long, ongoing conversation around the table with friends, like you, sharing stories about skincare, make-up and always a variety of products.  Many of you visit with me from around the world so I especially love the fact that we all, no matter where we call ‘home,’ speak the same language when it comes to taking care of our skin, hair and sharing beauty secrets.

So, I wanted to share some information on a product I have been using over the summer.  First of all I must state – this one has some price points associated with it.  But, as I have said before, many times we get what we pay for.  I’m not saying I will stay with this one forever, but it is a product that I have used and must call it a difference maker.  La Prairie ‘Skin Caviar’ Liquid Lift.

I have used many La Prairie products over the years and have had no disappointments and have seen great results. I tried a 3-day sample of this cream and ended up going back on the fourth day to buy this product. The great thing about this serum is that you do not need to use a lot.  The 1 oz. bottle lasted about 4 months using it twice a day. The result of this Liquid Lift serum is that your skin becomes more luminous and actually feels firmer. You can actually see the difference immediately! And! It’s the first product that I have used where I can actually see a tightening around the jaw line. I use it around the crows feet to the outer edge of my temple, and that area is now noticeably more smooth. To me, this is the most effective and skin-transforming product from La Prairie that I have ever used.

One fascinating thing about the skincare industry, is that these companies continue to try to improve products while creating new ones.  I am excited about what products will debut in the weeks ahead as we gear up for the holidays. And, rest assured, I will let you know what I learn!  I will see you around the ‘coffee table’ soon!

Keep Smiling… because life’s a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about – Marilyn Monroe

2 thoughts on “Sitting ’round the Table

  1. Another great Wrinkle me Not! Article and Post Judy. I enjoy reading all of your beauty secrets, your skin sure shows look younger every year. Judy, where do I find La Prairie “Skin Cavier” Liquid Lift?

    Thanks, dl

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