I just love surprises don’t you?  I mean, I don’t like scary surprises where someone jumps out of the dark yelling “boo” or late night knocks on my front door, just those I call happy surprises.  As I walked in the door from a shopping spree a couple of weeks ago I smelled flowers – for me!  Now, I must admit it did make it a little hard to ‘sneak’ my purchases in past my sweet husband (who was the creator of the surprise) but never fear I did it! And I was happy – twice!

As I sat in the middle of my couch watching a baseball game on TV later that day I surrounded myself with samples from my beautiful beauty bag.  I wanted to sort through what I have amassed over the last few months when I noticed a really nice sample from Lancer Skincare. Surprise!

It’s said, that for the last 30 years, Dr. Harold Lancer has been a trusted resource for some of the world’s most beautiful people. His Beverly Hills-based dermatology practice follows his less is more approach when developing advanced skincare treatments for his patients. People come from around the world for Dr. Lancer’s advice and care because the results are simply remarkable. With Lancer Skincare, Dr. Lancer has created a product range to match his skincare philosophy and treatment protocols. The Lancer Method is a simple, three step routine of exfoliating, cleansing and nourishing skin which delivers visible and dramatic improvements in skin tone, texture and appearance, often within a few days.  I had three samples referred to as ‘The Method”  – a skin polish, cleanser and one labeled nourish.  All three used together makes for beautiful skin in about three days.

Nourish Moisturizer is my favorite in the Method group and from which I received the most visible results.  It is a lightweight cream, minimally scented which I loved.  I applied day and night as I used the complete system. It left my skin clear, hydrated and even toned. And what’s even better it immediately absorbed into my skin and I could see the results.

Surprises for my skin.  That’s almost as fantastic as a bouquet of pink roses and stargazers!

Every smile makes you a day younger. ~Chinese Proverb

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