Have You Found Your Golden Egg?

According to the calendar Fall arrived this week – did you feel it?  Here in Dallas, we welcomed fall as the temp only reached 96 degrees! Another fall tradition here is the opening of the great State Fair of Texas which begins today, so I just had to visit  Claudia (glo by Claudia in Addison TX) this week for my fall tan.

A fall tan is not as dark as a summer tan, but you do have a subtle glow. What I love about this tan is that the color transcends between the look of summer into fall.  As I mentioned before Claudia uses the Norvelle solution for her seasonal tans and I have had them last for about 2-3 weeks. (The secret is moisturize daily)   I still don’t wear a lot of foundation, which I love, but I do wear sunscreen – and a lot of it!

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Algenist is pretty new on the market but they are coming out with a variety of products that have been getting great reviews. One close friend of mine loves their products – all of them.  Two favorites have been Algenist firming & lifting serum combined with the firming & lifting cream and I can really see a difference in her skin.  That’s the “key” finding a line that works for you.  A complete line of products is made to work in unison with one another, but you may have a few favorites in other groups that you add to your daily regime.  Regardless of what line or products you use, I encourage you to be faithful in your morning and evening applications.  You can’t tell if a product works for you if you only use it from time to time, or even 3 to 4 days a week.  To determine if a product works FOR your skin and gives you the results you want, you have to give it at least 30 days for results.

As an example, I picked up a sample of Algenist’s Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream at Sephora.  It combines alguronic acid with microalgae oil with collagen to help restore skin resiliency and elasticity.  It is a 10 day challenge package so as you can see it will not be able to give me the results that can amass over time, BUT it will give me an opportunity to see if it works with my other products.   Those fine lines may have seemed to you like they appeared overnight, but we both know they were rearing their heads long before we acknowledged them.

I purchase Algenist at Sephora so if you are in their store, be sure and ask for their current samples when you check out.   You never know, you might find the golden egg for your skin in one of those packs.

People are not perfect (except when they smile). ~Author Unknown

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