Welcoming Carrie

“You’ve got mail!” my postman laughs and remarks when delivering packages to my front door.  That day’s delivery included a box from Nordstrom, a few bills, my Wine Enthusiast magazine, but…wait! it also included a ‘jewel’ otherwise known as the October issue of Allure Magazine.  With a headline cover in a bold Century Gothic font “2015 Best of Beauty Award Winners” I knew right then I had to come up with a game plan that would clear my afternoon so I could grab a cup of coffee and plop on the couch.

I don’t save magazines.  I devour them.  On my first run through of the magazine I dog ear  pages I want to read then I go back and tear pages out so I can research the products that piqued my curiosity.

There were so many new products to try this year and with the added award of “Best of Beauty” from Allure, the ‘want’ is present. So I am curious.  What buzz words grab your attention when looking through a beauty magazine?  What makes you want to stop and Google a product immediately? (You do this, right??) Of course, all product pages that grabbed my attention had to do with anti-aging:  Exuviance’s Bionic Oxygen Facial for home use; ERASA Extreme Line Lifting Rejuvenation Concentrate; Lumene V-Shaping Serum; and Lanieige’s Water Sleeping Mask to name just a few.  If any of these products are miracles in a jar, we will hear more about them soon. So, stay tuned!

On another note, last week I attended a Master Class at Nordstrom presented by Carrie Gross, wife of Dr. Dennis Gross.  As you know I am a huge fan of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, so I was thrilled to be invited to attend by my friend Enrique Ortega, who actually encouraged me to start this blog several years ago.  In this hour long class, Carrie shared some trends and skincare secrets with us as well as some upcoming products from the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare line.  After the class Carrie and I had a chance to become better acquainted and I am thrilled beyond words to let you know that she will be a guest writer here at Wrinkle Me Not!  So, look for her posts in the weeks ahead as we share time together discussing our favorite topics – skincare and makeup.  Remember coffee and wine are optional!

Smile. Beautiful looks good on you. – Unknown

2015-10-05 06.45.59

One thought on “Welcoming Carrie

  1. How exciting that Carrie Gross will be a guest writer on your blog! I also am a fan of Dr. Dennis Gross products and will welcome any suggestions or tips on skincare and am anxious to hear about new products as well! I love your blog! Thanks Judy!

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