A Gentleman’s View For All Gents

So that I can keep on cooking, baking and getting ready for a family Thanksgiving, I have a guest post this week provided by a dear friend that I went to high school with just a few short years ago. (Smile) So! To you and yours may the blessing of this day of thanks surround your family and friends!  Judy

Guest Post by Mr. Gaylan Grant

Like many men, I have not spent a lot of time thinking about my skin.  I was aware that I had skin and that it is the largest organ of the human body, but other than knowing I needed to shower regularly that was about the extent of my awareness.

Until 1996.  I was in Portland, Oregon with a couple of friends to be guests at a “Prairie Home Companion” origination broadcast with Garrison Keillor.  We were working to bring the event our city and this visit was a part of our effort.  We thoroughly enjoyed the show and afterwards we were invited backstage to meet the cast and to talk business with Garrison and some of the production people.  I will never forget shaking Garrison’s hand.  I have shaken hands with thousands of people and the experience is not always pleasant.  But Garrison Keillor’s hand was huge, strong, and soft.  His hands looked like they had known work, but they were as soft as velvet.  I began to wonder what he did to get his hands that soft.  So from time to time, I would try a lotion such as Corn Husker’s Lotion or something that was on sale, but never got into a routine.

Until I started reading this blog and visiting with my friend, Judy, did I realize that occasional treatments are not the cure for good healthy skin.  The secret is in establishing a routine that uses good products.  So I have started experimenting with various products.   My daughter is a Mary Kay consultant so I asked her if she had a product to help my hands.   The one which I really have enjoyed using is the Mary Kay Satin Hands products.  They are composed of a hand softener, a hand scrub, and a hand cream.  I don’t buy a lot of make-up like products, so I can’t tell you how the price point compares, but it’s good stuff and it seems to last a long time.  So, I call it good.

The regimen is simple and doesn’t take much time.  I rub on just a bit of the Hand Softener and massage it into my hands thoroughly.  I leave it on for a few minutes just to let it do its deep hydration.  Then I use the Hand Scrub and I love the feel of the exfolliant as it cleanses my hands.  After the hands are rinsed and dried, I apply a small bit of the Hand Cream which protects the hands through many washings.  Hopefully, I will stave off the tale-tale signs of aging that often show up on your hands.   If you are in food service or health care and find yourself washing your hands many times a day, make these products a part of your “beauty bag” as Judy calls it.  But, don’t leave them in the bag.  Use them in a regular regimen that will have your hands looking and feeling soft in no time at all.

Remember the words of Dionne Warwick:  Keep smiling, keep shining
Knowing you can always count on me, for sure that’s what friends are for

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