Edelweiss: Song & Flower

I just love the movie musical The Sound of Music!  And, oh I have such special memories of seeing it as a young girl with my mom and sister. One of my favorite scenes in the musical is when handsome Captain von Trapp and his family sing Edelweiss as a proud and defiant statement to Austrian patriotism. Beautiful song.  Beautiful voices.  So!  It was a ‘sentimental’ surprise for me when I discovered Bioline’s Phyto Staminal Edelweiss Cream recently I was indulging in a facial at Glow By Claudia’s Salon.  Every Black Friday should be followed by a Spa Saturday afternoon right?

Edelweiss is actually a hardy mountain flower on a small plant that blooms in the Alpine Mountains. (Remember Julie Andrews twirling on the top of that mountain top at the beginning of the movie singing ‘…small and white, clean and bright…?”  Yes, Edelweiss is a flower, but it’s also referred to as a stem cell powerhouse in the world of skin care. This cream contains the stem cells of this plant which is characterized by self-renewal.  This Italian cream does not repair your skin – it actually enables your skin to renew itself. By targeting your skin it works as an intensive anti-ageing treatment in that it ensures a firming and reshaping action of the neck and décolleté area. Product labeling states it smoothes the epidermis, minimizes wrinkles and small surface creases, and strengthens the support tissues, enhancing skin suppleness and firmness. It significantly contributes to refining the neck line and smoothing the décolleté.

Visually seeing the results on Claudia’s skin was really remarkable and I was ready to hop a plane and fly to Italy to acquire a large jar of this wonder cream.  But!  Since it’s available at area salons and spas just do what I did.  Find a spa. Indulge.  Then buy a nice Italian wine, grab a copy of the Sound of Music and SING!

2015-12-02 14.38.55

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