2016 – Ready or Not…

As together we ring in a New Year – 2016, my heartfelt thanks to each of you who take the time from your busy schedules to read Wrinkle Me Not.  There are so many blogs out there and just to know you stop in from time to time for a visit at my ‘table’ makes my day.  Your encouraging comments over the years, have kept me writing and eager to share new ideas and products from my beauty bag with you! So let’s get this New Year started so I can share what I discovered over the holidays with you.

Merry Christmas to me! One of my favorite gifts (which I might add I rushed out and also purchased for my two daughters) was Sephora’s Draw the Line Eyeliner Sampler Kit followed closely by their Lashstash.  These two products rank near the top for a beauty blogger like me since we all love, love , love our samples.

The Draw the Line Eyeliner Sample Kit contains six full sized eyeliners from lines such as Smashbox, Urban Decay and Stilla.  These liners are liquid, pencil or kohl and are available in the stores only so when they are gone they are gone.

Next, Lashstash contains nine different mascaras from some of my favorites such as YSL, Nars and Marc Jacobs.  Plus! There is a full sized eyeliner by Hourglass and a Tarte eyelash curler included as well.  With this variety of mascara choices you have an opportunity to try an assortment of brands. My hope is to try each of these over the next few months, make comparisons so I can give you a more complete analysis of my favorites.  We will then be ready for Mascara Madness at Nordstrom– the buy two get one free event usually early May.

So Merry Christmas to me… and Happy New Year to You! Here’s to a beautiful you in 2016!

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