I LOVE my sister!  Because of her I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and I smile a whole lot more.  She is my confident, my medical advisor, my lunch buddy, but …she doesn’t really like to do a lot of  ‘foo foo’ stuff when it comes to playing in makeup at the stores.  That’s when I have to call my good friend, Karen!

Jill is my little sister… heck she’s my only sister, but I love to say ‘little sister’ because of the memories it evokes!  From childhood to adulthood, she has always entertained me!  She, too, was raised by the Noxzema Queen, my mom, whom I have mentioned in a previous post, so she too, has beautiful skin since she was slathered in that white cream at a young age – even younger than me.  Anyway, when we get on the subject of skin care she always mentions her favorite – Guinot Base 777 Energie Lift Cream.  She calls it her ‘lifting day cream’ and swears by it.  I have asked her several times what it is she likes about it and finally got a mini review before she headed out on a jet plane for the other side of the world. Sisters are like that, yeah they are!

Jill has very sensitive skin so testing products is not something she likes to do and when she finds a winner she sticks with it. She swears by the ‘firming lift’ she feels upon application and because it is a lightweight cream it doesn’t conflict with her foundation and is absorbed quickly.  She has been using this ‘day cream’ for about 6-7 years, and she has visually seen and experienced the firmness and elasticity it has produced over the years on her skin.  Jill said it has good price points, too, and she orders it online.

So a few weeks ago I opened my beauty bag and there indeed was a small tube of Guinot Base 777 Energie Life Cream.  It was either placed there by Jill or my elf, Bobo, since they had both visited my home over the Christmas Holidays.  And! I have been testing it over the last few days, of course, and too, noticed it firms my skin when applied and works great with my foundation as well! So, thank you Jill Annie.  We have a winner here!

Sisters are like ice cream; They cheer you up and make you smile. – Unknown

One thought on “Sisters

  1. Excellent post Judy, you are such a great Journalist & publicist. I hope and pray you are keeping a Journal of Addie and Caiden. I kept one for @ Four years of Bryce and Blain and then got what I thought was too busy to continue, shame on me. Talk later….

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