A Thing Called ‘Neck Neglect’ And How We Can Stop It







A Thing Called ‘Neck Neglect’ And How We Can Stop It

By CEO & Co-Founder Carrie Gross, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

(Guest writer for Wrinkle Me Not)


Your neck can give away your true age in a second.

For women like me, we are so focused on preventing and smoothing out the wrinkles and signs of aging on our faces that we disregard our neck area, because more often than not, we feel helpless against gravity!

It’s something I call ‘neck neglect’. I see the same concern with many women I know and meet: youthful-looking, radiant, gorgeous women with necks that are wrinkled, creepy and sagging.

As I settled into my late forties, I started to notice dramatic aging and thinning of the skin on my neck.

For many of those years, I would just take my face moisturizer and put it on my neck, intermittingly. But it just didn’t feel good to have a creamy product on my neck.

I asked my husband, dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, if my facial moisturizer was going to work on my neck? He said no because the skin on your neck is very different.

Together, Dennis and I worked on developing a product that I could use for my own neck. I didn’t want to settle for anything that wouldn’t get results I could see in my mirror!


We call it an ‘emulsion’, which is a hybrid of a serum and a moisturizer. The texture is very silky, it is still hydrating but is absorbs quickly into the skin of the neck.


Stop the ‘Neck Neglect’! Every time you apply your skincare products to your face you must include your neck into your daily regimen.

Here’s why:

The skin on your neck is among the thinnest and most vulnerable anywhere on the body (eye skin ranks #1). This means it’s more prone to damage from the sun’s rays and from daily tugging—which can pull the skin down and, after a while, keep it that way.

The Neck Emulsion contains these key fortifying ingredients:

Lactic Acid:

This is the same powerful alpha hydroxy acid used in our iconic Alpha Beta Peel, but specially formulated for the delicate neck skin. It exfoliates and helps stimulate the production of skin-firming collagen.


Collagen is Queen, I like to say. Without it, our skin is more prone to lines and wrinkles and sagging. With it, we simply regenerate skin to look and feel more youthful.

Ferulic Acid:

This plant-based antioxidant is the same one found in our super-effective Ferulic + Retinol line of products. It prevents damage to the skin and to DNA, it also helps deliver the other powerful ingredients below the skin’s surface.


I love retinol; it’s a potent anti-aging ingredient that smoothens lines and wrinkles, while increasing moisture and elasticity. Retinol gets results (why I use it twice daily, no exceptions).

Hyaluronic Acid:

This is simply the best hydrator around; it’s lightweight enough to be absorbed quickly without any greasy after-feel.

You can turn back time when it comes to your neck—and prevent future damage. Start using the Neck Emulsion product twice daily (apply in an upward motion) and I guarantee you’ll see change.

Stay gorgeous and say ‘no’ to neck neglect!

Speak soon,

Carrie Gross

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