Rain Rain… go away!

Well, I spoke too soon.  Yes, it IS Spring Break… but where oh where is the sun?  I have seen nothing but rain, more rain, additional rain and then… downpours.   I attended a big wine event last night that included the opening of Dallas Blooms at the Arboretum.  It is such fun to dress up in our spring attire at this venue but I must say everyone in attendance looked like ‘winter’ not at all spring.  Why?  Because it was cold and rainy… but I must admit the wine still poured well.. in fact, very well, I must add.  So I must say I am looking forward like many of us here to say so long, au revoir, adios to Old Man Winter.

But according to the calendar and our groundhog friend the harsh winter months are behind us and I so look so forward to waving goodbye to that dry flaky skin that clings to us like a wicked step sister.  Eck!  My favorite ‘flake remover’ is Kiel’s Crème de Corp which is my all time favorite lotion to banish those awful flakes on my legs and my arms.

Sometimes we neglect our skin from the neck down. Fortunately, this rich body moisturizer, which is a Kiehl’s customer favorite and mine, has us covered. The non-greasy formula includes a blend of ingredients like cocoa butter and sesame oil to soften dry skin.

It is very easy to apply, a little goes a long way.  It really hydrates very well and doesn’t leave my skin greasy. I apply it following my bath (or shower) and then allow it to dry before dressing. Plus this lotion keeps my skin moisturized for two days which is a huge plus!  This wonderful cream is fragrance-free, but since I’ve got a crazy nose that can smell everything, I usually say it has a nice neutral smell.

Regardless of the season you will love this lotion. Kiel’s is amazing when it comes to samples so if you visit one of their stores or a counter in a department store the advisor will be happy to prepare a sample for you.

All people smile in the same language. – Proverb

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