Lips – Smack!

Lips.  Who doesn’t like the feel of soft lips.  The look of soft lips.  It’s universal right?  One of my much loved  products – again from the Trend Show – is Guerlain’s Honey Smile Lift.  We were told it is Guerlain’s first multipurpose lip treatment that targets all signs of aging. Really?  All signs of aging?  I had to have it.  I am, after all, a marketing gal and this one got my attention.

Upon application – it was a “wow” moment for me. Instantly – almost – my lips appeared plumper and the contours reshaped and lines smoothed. You get a defined lip shape from youth.  What is this lip lifter?  It is concentrated balm formula which is born from Ouessant honey and Royal Jelly, both exclusive to Guerlain I am told.   Guerlain Royal Jelly is made exclusively in France and is combined with the purest black bee honey from the island of Ouessant to help correct visible signs of aging, including loss of firmness and wrinkles. Did you know that bee products are some of the world’s most effective natural healing substances?

Notice the applicator in the picture?  You use just a little drop and then press across your upper and lower lip with the gold pen.  I apply it in the morning and evening after my eye care routine but before my serums.

I have never seen such fast results! I have only had the product for 4 days because they were sold out at the show and it had to be ordered.  Within three nights of using it the fine lines around my mouth are lessening and my lips are softer.   Plus this is one of those products you might want to have in your beauty bag and in your purse.  Oh! And, I reapply mine during the day, too.

Smmmack!  I love it!

Start each day with a beautiful lipstick – then smile.  Pintrest

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