Raise Your Eyebrow

m_53953e644c47c005980232ec Anastasia of Beverly Hills had a huge presence at the Trend Show.  Ask those of us that stood in a line which snaked around the mall area at one point for those of us that wanted our eyebrows seen by an expert.  I had my makeup done afterwards and was told by the makeup artist “I won’t touch your eyebrows – they look fantastic!”

I smiled.

I fell in love with two amazing products – the Highlighting Duo Pencil along with the Dipbrow Pomade.  First of all I must say, I have never been good at doing my eyebrows with those pencils.  My eyebrows look like I have ‘drawn’ a long line and have tried to copy those of my grandma.  But! With the Dipbrow Pomade I can take a very thin over tweezed eyebrow – mine – and make it look fantastic.

This is a smudge-free, waterproof pomade formula that performs as an all-in-one brow product. This creamy product glides on skin and hair smoothly to create clean, defined brows. It works as a brow primer and provides color, sculpture, and shading. It is ideal for oily skin and in humid climates like my hometown.

Now, the Highlighting Duo Pencil is one of my favorite products in my beauty bag. It is a double-sided pencil that highlights and defines brows—and makes arches pop! Use the Highlighting Duo Pencil’s shimmery end to illuminate brow bones, and the matte end to softly define. They can be worn separate or together – I use mine together! You put this right under your brows and blend. That’s it. If you have a simple makeup routine, this makes you look just a little more polished since it allows your brows to appear freshly groomed. I also like that it’s a highlighter without being sparkly. It makes your eyes stand out and provides a beautiful finish.

Use these two products then raise that eyebrow and bat your lashes.  You are ready to make someone smile!

Be the reason someone smiles today. – Pintrest

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